The Budding Ivey Foundation was created and founded by Phil Ivey and his mother, Pamela Simmons- Ivey, in order to continue and fulfill the desires of the Iveys’ late legendary Grandfather – Leonard “Bud” Simmons. Bud was a trailblazer and staunch advocate for justice – for all. Having a deep passion for education, inclusion and opportunity, Bud’s desire was to offer hope to the lives of the underrepresented. He was the first in his community to pave the way to hope through his numerous accomplishments and public service.

The foundation operates to help the underrepresented, the at-risk and the needy, whether these conditions have arisen because of financial, educational or other circumstances. A strong emphasis is placed on enrichment programs, learning from advanced writers and reading programs, and other activities that help children and their families go on to achieve rewarding and self-sufficient futures.The Iveys want to continue the legacy that Bud left as a father and grandfather through the Budding Ivey Foundation. A legacy and a belief that “one person CAN make a difference.” Join them as they work to help advance the lives of children and their families, by providing order essay services for the hope of a brighter tomorrow.