2010 Beneficiaries
Summer 2010
Students Helping Students


On Tuesday June 8, 2010 Joy Allen (BIF representative) arrived at Harrison School in Roselle. She wasmetbySue Monteiro and the high school students' teacher. Joy was then briefed on the events of the day andprovided some historyabout thestudents involved in the program. Approximately 18 high school students participated. Nine of whom werecurrentlytaking the JA course as an elective classand nine who were not in th

eclass but volunteered to help. The students were paired off and taught several sets of lessons to students in grades K-3. Amy Boroff gave Joy a tour of the school and allowed her to sit in on one of the teaching sessions. Based on Joy'sobservation, thestudents were very involved in the lesson and enjoyed what they were learning. The lessons were structured so thatthe student teacherswould beinteractive with all of the students and get them to work together in teams. One ofthe lessons, for example,showed studentshow money circulates throughout a town, another involved students working together to write newspaperarticles about current events in their school.

When two of the students were asked which lesson they enjoyed the most they described one where they had todesignoffice buildings out of cardboardand then strategically place themin a city on a large floor map. During unch our BIF representative was able to speakwith the student teachers about their different classes. Many of the student teachers described theirexperience as nerve wrecking at first but then enjoyable once they realizedtheyhad the abilitytoeffectivelycapture the students' attention. The student teachers were confident they had taught the children something new and would be willing to do it a

gain. For many of the students the day served as a final confirmation that teaching would be their chosen career field. One of the second grade teachers Joy spoke with gave the program high praisestating that her kids loved the lessonsand were very excited to learn

2009 Beneficiaries

  • Roselle Pop Warner
  • Spread the Word NV
  • Junior Achievement of NJ
  • Roselle Back to School Book Jam
  • LV Rescue Mission
  • Be Pure/No More Tears Feeding Program

July - August - September 2008-2009
Feeding Those Less Fortunate

The Foundation contributed a total of 1200 meals to the 4000/5000 feeding program in Las Vegas. This program involves outreach to families, veterans, and homeless in need of a nutritious meal.

December 08 - May 09

The Foundation Donates 995 Books

The Foundation donated 995 books to "Kids to Kids," a program of
Spread The Word Nevada.

The programs goal is to promote literacy and to make it possible for all of Nevada's children to discover the magic of books!

The books were distributed to the students at Elbert Edwards elementary school on December 18,2008 and Dean Petersen elementary school on May 21, 2009.

August 08 - August 09

Project Read: Celebrating Literacy

The Budding Ivey Foundation
Distributed 1,529 Books to the Roselle Youth

THE BUDDING IVEY FOUNDATION held a book drive at city Hall in Roselle, NJ on August 29th, 2008 and August 27, 2009 in conjunction with Roselle's annual Free School Supply Give- Away presented by Mayor Garrett Smith.

Roselle is the hometown of Bud, Pam and Phil Ivey.

The book drive is an effort to increase literacy awareness and meet our goal in assuring all children have a home library of books they will love to read!


July 08

The World Series of Barbecue and Budding Ivey Game Night Celebration raises a combined total of $260,000!

The well known charity poker tournament, hosted by Phil Ivey on July 1, 2008 at the fabulous Golden Nugget pool - The Tank, was a huge success and fun for everyone who attended. Major players joined Phil in raising money for The Budding Ivey Foundation, and other participating organizations.

"We want to thank all of you for supporting the foundation and look forward to your continued support in helping us meet the educational needs of the at-risk children and their families," said LaTosha Perry, Vice-President of Operations.

Perry reported that contributions also went toward the following enrichment programs:

  • Empowered To Excel (reserve account)
  • MSCDC re-development project in Linden, NJ
  • MFM - youth ministry
  • Living Waters -women and girls outreach
  • Northern Educational Services, Inc. (NES)
  • The 4000/5000 Feeding Program

"There are many other programs in need; please continue to lend your support. One person can make a difference!" she said, expressing her thanks.

Watch the video!

2008 The Budding Ivey Foundation

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